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About US

Together with researchers across the world, we create a conductive platform for growth and partnering in era of nano-revolution by providing the best quality plastic additives, masterbatches, and polymer technologies available to our customers.

We offer a broad range of masterbatch products like Strenght improvement masterbatch, Recycled polymer strength improvement masterbatch, Antibacterial masterbatch, Conductive masterbatch etc. Some of our winning brands are Polybooster, Polycycler, etc.

Our Polymer technology development centre offer services like polymer analysis, contract research and development, technical consultancy, verification, certification, training etc.

We believe and support a national effort for the protection of environment and care of Mother Nature; ready to play an important role by developing and acquiring appropriate technologies, tuning our priorities with the society and by providing a perennial eco-friendly solution to the scientific industries, relieving them to concentrate more on their primary aim.

With a team a highly skilled research workers, we always try to provide easy, reliable, cheapest, and feasible solution for all of your problems and queries. We always believe in good managerial practices and their implementation for early start and successful results.

ishu international